Udo Hoffmann

hoff mann.odu@ gmail.com
Algorithms Research Group
Computer Science Department
Universitée libre de Bruxelles

I am a postdoc in the Algorithms Research Group at Université libre de Bruxelles.

Before, I was a PhD student of Stefan Felsner in the Discrete Mathematics group at TU Berlin in supported by the research training group Methods for Discrete Structures.

My research interests are mainly combinatorial and computational geometry.
Here should be a photo.


  1. "Recognition of simple triangle graphs."
  2. "The slope number of segment intersection graphs"
  3. "Upper and lower bounds on long dual-paths in line arrangements." [arXiv]
    with Linda Kleist and Tillman Miltzow
  4. "Recognition and complexity of point visibility graphs." [arXiv]
    with Jean Cardinal
  5. "Intersection graphs and geometric objects in the plane."
  6. "On the complexity of the planar slope number problem"
  7. "Grid intersection graphs and order dimension" [arXiv]
    with Steve Chaplick, Stefan Felsner and Veit Wiechert
    • accepted ORDER
  8. "A universality theorem for allowable sequences with applications."
    with Keno Merckx
    • submitted
  9. "Convex allowable sequences"
    with Jean Cardinal